Aretas Coffee Table

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The stunning Aretas Coffee Table is a true masterpiece. Carved from a single piece of stone, this table is not only incredibly durable, but also boasts a unique design that seamlessly blends form and function. The recessed tabletop features a raised perimeter edge, making it both practical and gorgeous.


Inches: Width: 55" Depth: 30" Height: 15"
Cm: Width: 140CM Depth: 76CM Height: 38CM
Inches: Width: 67" Depth: 36" Height: 15"
Cm: Width: 170CM Depth: 91.5CM Height: 38CM
Inches: Width: 76" Depth: 32" Height: 15"
Cm: Width: 193CM Depth: 81CM Height: 38CM
SKU: SI-89

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