The story

A passion for natural stone through design.

Pétra unveiled its first collection as a TDW brand as a result of the introduction of the iconic Alexander sink from its sister brand Silo Crafts. 

The success of this two-piece collection led to a series of bespoke projects and, eventually, the establishment of a dedicated division, which became Pétra. 

The brand was named after the ancient Nabataean city of Pétra, known for its Hellenistic stone marvels, which portray the grandeur of Greek and Eastern architecture. 

Each piece in our permanent collection pays homage to the legendary story, named after historical references that echo the brand’s timeless allure.

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Building Legacies

Custom Solutions for Unique Design Projects

In addition to our permanent collection, we take pride in having contributed to some incredibly innovative architectural and design projects across the globe and are pleased to offer our custom services to bring your vision to life, guided by our craftsmanship and dedication to design.

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